Friday Close-Up: Wendy The Pipe Cleaner Lady

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We all have special gifts. Wendy Baner--aka the Pipecleaner Lady--happens to have one of the coolest gifts of all. Wendy can turn ordinary pipe cleaners into wild, kid-centric art. From Martha Stewart to fashionistas, everyone is crazy about Wendy. If you've got crafty kids, you'll want to track this designing diva down.

Favorite craft supply store in NY?
Pearl Paint

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Where do you get inspiration?
Living on the beach. I live on Long Island in a beautiful place call Asharoken on the beach
on the Long Island Sound

Best place for an NYC playdate to inspire little artists?
The Art Farm, Kidville

Do you do parties?
Yes all the time!

How did you master your craft?I made it all up and just get better and faster as the years go by. I've been doing it as a business since 2002.

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What is your training? Graphic Artist, design. 

How did you get into twisting pipe cleaners?
I was told me to get a "real" job ... so I made one up! As a child I got excited if a telephone truck was parked on my block. The telephone men used to give me their leftover telephone wires. I took them and made them into jewelry. Back then I made a daisy ring which is the ring that started my career only now I'm twisting pipe cleaners.

What's the craziest part of your job?
When I work a party and all the kids calling my name out at once. It's not easy to keep flowing along helping them and not getting stressed out by them all wanting my attention and help at the same time. I'm there at any event to have fun, play and teach what I do. Not to be yelling at the kids and trying to control them. That's not a fun party to me. I guess that it's not that big a challenge as I thought since I haven't yelled at one kid yet and it's been five years.

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Why do you love twisting pipe cleaners?
I love my craft because of the endless possibilities it holds for me.

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