FREE Playground Materials for NYC School

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Want a free playgorund for your school? TerraCycle is reaching out to NYC schools with a unique program that turns garbage into play materials. And the best part? It's free. But you've got to hustle--TerraCycle needs a commitment by March 11!

Yes, it's true. Free: A free playground made from recycled plastics from consumer goods that TerraCycle collects. The playground would be installed sometime around Fall 2011.

We think it's a great way to incorporate recycling into a child's daily play routine. TerraCycle provides free waste collection programs for hard to recycle materials. The school needs to agree to this program by March 11. That means going through the channels of approval for your specific district and TerraCycle will help with the process.

Head to Facebook and contact Tiffany Threadgould for more details

Or leave me a comment and I will connect you with Terracycle.

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