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Spring into Action with Fitbit Zip

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As I continue on my weight loss journey, I have found one tool that has been helping me get a little pep in my step. The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker tracks steps, distance and calories burned. 


Each day that I wear the Fitbit, I become more cognizant of how much I am moving. I have set a goal of 10,000 steps. Some days I make it. Others, I don't.

Either way, I feel like I am moving much more because I have I can check in to see where I am and figure out how to increase my steps.

On some days, I make it happen by stepping out in the evening for 15 minutes for a brisk walk. You'll be amazed at how many steps you can get in. Other days, I put on Just Dance 4 with my girls and I dance my steps. Oh and did I mention that I get rewarded for various goals such as when I reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps or when I reached my first cumulative 50 miles. Right now, I am working on reaching a Lifetime goal of 250 miles.

Fitbit Zip
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The Fitbit Zip comes with the above items. There are five color options: blue, black, lime, magenta and white. It retails for $59.95. You can hook it to your bra, attach it to your shirt or pants, or just stick it in your pocket.

Zip™ automatically syncs your information to PCs, Macs, the iPhone 4S, 5, iPod touch and the 3rd generation iPad. It comes with a USB dongle that automatically updates if you are 20 feet from the device. You can even register and pair your Fitbit devices via select smartphones – including certain Androids.

Wearing the Fitbit Zip

While on the Fitbit website, I am able to view my dashboard and keep track of food, activity and weight with their separate logs. It also shows me how close I am to my daily goals.

I highly recommend the Fitbit Zip. Right now, I am working on losing baby #2's weight gain. Let's just be quiet about the fact that baby #2 will be turning 7 by the end of the month. I hope by the time she is 7, I can truly say, that weight gain is officially gone.

The Fitbit isn't just for me. My girls have been offering me encouragement too. They are interested in how I am doing. I know that by making Fitbit Zip a new habit, it will help all of us live a healthier lifestyle.

Fitbit Zip

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