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Fit Mom Profile: Sarah Caron

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When you are a freelance writer/editor and the mom of two young kids, your schedule is seldom your own. It's tough to carve out time for fitness, but moms like Sarah Caron are making health a priority. Sarah had a wake-up photo (see the full article) taken in Cape Cod. She's now on a mission to trim down before she hits the big 3-0.

To make matters event more complicated, Sarah is an incredible chef--when you can cook like she can (check out her blog it's easy to be tempted by the Marshmellow Fudge you are making and skip a workout. I like the way this mama sets attainable goals and squeezes in fitness where she can. Can't wait to see the final results!

Fitness goal for 2010: To lose all of my excess weight before my 30th birthday in June. I have a ways to go, but I've come a long way.

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Biggest fitness accomplishment: Being able to make running a workout. I've been asthmatic since I was a young child and could never run for more than a minute at a time. And then when I was pregnant with my first child, my asthma became so severe that I was rushed to the ER. It took a great doctor and a lot of patience to make it through. And now, thanks to that doctor, my asthma is better controlled than ever before.

I like working out:

a.) alone

b.) with groups

Definitely A -- It's my me-time. But I don't mind when my son or daughter joins me.

You can find me:

a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

c.) in front of my favorite DVD

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d.) with my wii

Typically C, although we have a home gym and I like to use the treadmill and elliptical when I can break away.

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My favorite time of the day to workout:Early afternoon. My daughter naps and my son is in preschool, so the first chance I get, I stream an exercise video from Netflix and work up a good sweat. Then I head to my home office to work before wake-up and school pick-up comes around.

My sneaky fitness trick:I workout daily and try to get in little spurts of cardio whenever I can. For instance, I dance or walk in place in the bathroom while the kids are in the tub or in the kitchen while I am cooking -- every little bit adds up!

Why I workout:I have three reasons: 1) You know that feeling when you've had an awesome workout and your legs are jelly-ish? I love that. My mind clears and I feel like I can take on the world. 2) I don't want to enter my 30s at an unhealthy weight. And 3) I want my kids to see that exercise is something you do -- like brushing your teeth or bathing.

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Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.): Adidas for apparel and shoes -- the shoes are perfect for my feet and I love the breathable material of their exercise apparel. I am also a big fan of BodyBugg. The company sent me units to try and then review, and I just feel in love. The best thing about it is that it's helped me really understand my body and why sometimes I struggle with my weight.

I'd like to try ____________ this year to keep my routine fresh.

Zumba! I am not a fan of group classes in general, but I have heard so many good things about this class that I need to give it a shot.

Best workout song ever:You're going to think I am crazy, but I love Elvis Presley music while working out. My fav is All Shook Up. It never fails to get me moving.

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A typical week's worth of workouts looks like: I work out for at least 10 minutes a day every single day. So I alternate between 10-Minute Solution videos, Biggest Loser cardio and strength videos, and Crunch dance videos every day. I try to slip in a workout in the home gym at least once a week. And I dance while cooking daily.

I stay motivated by:Keeping my eye on the goal. It's really important to me that I am fit and healthy for myself and my family. If I don't set a good example, who will? And I also have a wonderful group of fellow-losers who support me and vice versa on They really help me pick myself up when I start to slump -- which happens to everyone sometimes. What's important though is what you do about it. Do you keep eating poorly and loafing around? Or do you get up and get moving? I choose the latter.

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