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Fit Mom Profile: Nicole Bateman

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Ah to have the skills of Nicole Bateman. She is the fairy godmother of design. Give her an idea and she'll deliver a pretty little package right to your inbox. Nicole, the mom behind Pixel Boutique has done quite a few projects for me (including this month's fit mom button). I was psyched to learn she's also a fit mom of three boys and an avid runner.
For 15 years, Nicole has been running her blog, web and print design company. Her work is fresh, smart and oh so reliable. Nicole operates her business much like her life--creatively and with a ton of energy. I would suspect all the road running helps her keep on pace in life. The Tucson, AZ looks terrific as she approaches the big 4-0. Let's find out her secrets shall we?

Fitness goal for 2010: Number 5 of my 10 in '10 is to run three 5k races this year. Which means I better do the first one real soon, because in Arizona, you have about 3 good DAYS to run (when its not 1000 degrees outside...).

Biggest fitness accomplishment: Running. It seems like most people I talk to feel the same way...they aren't "natural" runners. I was very athletic in high school and college, but sort of fell off the physical bandwagon when I started having babies. I decided a few years ago to start in a minute and a half on the tread mill, small. I thought I was going to die at first, but a minute and a half turned into 3 minutes. Then 5 minutes. And so on. I ran my first 5k with Metropolitan Mama 2 years ago.

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I like working out:

a.) alone

b.) with groups

Usually, I prefer to be alone. I crank my iPod and I just go. But I love running with friends too. The conversation makes the time pass quickly

You can find me:

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a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

c.) in front of my favorite DVD

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d.) with my wii

On the mountain, the desert. We have a great walking path with some nice hills right around our house.

My favorite time of the day to workout:Afternoon and evening. There are very few things I am good at in the morning.

My sneaky fitness trick:Portion control. Not sure if that is a "fitness" trick, but I find that I do very well when I allow myself to eat whatever I want, but watch my portion sizes.

Why I workout:It makes me feel better, And gets me into my jeans. And, its the best stress relief I can think of.

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Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.):For Christmas, I got a gift card to FleetFeet. I had my running "evaluated" and my foot perfectly measured. I bought a pair of Mizuno shoes and some good inserts. It was pricey but has made a world of difference for my feet.

I'd like to try ____________ this year to keep my routine fresh.Wii Fit or EA Active. I have yet to try either, but it would be a good cross training addition to my routine

Best workout song ever: Toby Mac - "Im For You"

A typical week's worth of workouts looks like:

Monday Evening: Run
Tuesday: Walk/rest
Wednesday evening: Run
Thursday: Walk/rest
Friday: Run

I stay motivated by: Making a plan. Like everything else, I schedule my runs/workouts. Otherwise, the day is gone and something else has filled that time.

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