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Fit Mom Profile: Kristen Race

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I'm so envious of Kristen Race. This smart mama not only has her Ph.D. and a new business, she also keeps fit by hitting the slopes on a regular basis. Kristen is a parent of two young children, as well as an expert in child, family, and school psychology. She works and plays in Steamboat, CO and has a great attitude about fitness.
Dr. Race founded SmartDreamzzz a line of CDs based on meditation principles created to help young children unwind, go to bed easily and sleep thru the night. With a passion for parent education, Kristen is committed to helping young families build a strong foundation that enables their children to make healthy choices as they grow. Her wisdom doesn't just center on sleep, I love how she teaches her kids to love the outdoors and exercise by setting a fantastic example.

Fitness goal for 2010:Add one yoga class to my workout plan each week. I love Yoga, it gives me a physical workout and mental rejuvenation all in one shot!

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Biggest fitness accomplishment:Hmmm, that'??s a tough one: Probably reaching the top of a local mountain on a mountain bike ride while being a mother of two. That ride was a process-- each week getting higher and higher on the climb before having to turn back. Getting to the top sure felt sweet. Plus, I had never been into mountain biking until about a year ago, so fun to learn something new!

I like working out:

a.) alone

b.) with groups

Both. Sometimes the company is a great distraction, and I wind up getting thru a tough workout without realizing what we had been doing. But definitely there are other times I just want to enjoy those moments of peace, usually with just me and my dog.

You can find me:

a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

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c.) in front of my favorite DVD

d.) with my wii

Definitely on the MOUNTAIN! No gym can compare to the outdoors for me, not a chance. And if the TV is on, even with a workout routine showing, I'??ll inevitably feel the need to fold wash or unload the dishwasher. The Mountain is the purest escape for me. Even if I don'??t accomplish physically what I set out to do on a particular workout, just being out there clears me mentally.

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My favorite time of the day to workout:Dusk and dawn are my favorite times to be outdoors, but the truth is, you squeeze it in when you can. When I worked a regular office schedule you couldn'??t beat a lunchtime hike with a friend and a sack lunch at your desk. But everything else being equal, an early-morning hike or an early-evening ride or ski is my favorite.

My sneaky fitness trick: There is no sneaking around it. You have to put in the time, when and where you can. Every extra minute helps. Whoaa, maybe I just stumbled on the '??sneaky fitness trick'? after all'??If all you can get is a 30 minute workout that day, take it! It'??s better than nothing.

Why I workout:I started working out for physical reasons. It'??s been an interesting progression though. I still like the physical rewards of a workout, but I now realize how much happier I am when I work out'??so the workout is as much for my psyche as my body. I still work out because I am a happier person when I do!

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Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.):Hmmm, I'??m all about comfort. If I had to pick a brand I would say that my Saucony trail runners were the best purchase I'??ve made in a couple of years. I like their workout shirts also. Also, it'??s nothing I wear, but I don'??t leave home for a workout with at least one pack of Honey Stinger Fruit Chews stashed in a pocket. They'??re yummy and keep me going up hill, that'??s for sure. My kids love them too!

I'd like to try ____________ this year to keep my routine fresh.

Having some concrete goals. Whether it'??s riding my mountain bike to the top of Mount Werner (our big ski mountain in town), or hiking a fourteener, those types of concrete goals are a good way to get my butt out of the house.

Best workout song ever:I don'??t have one. When I was younger it was anything by DMB or Big Head Todd. But now you won'??t catch me doing workouts with my Ipod I prefer the sounds of nature to the sounds of my ipod (don'??t get me wrong, I love my ipod). I'??m overloaded by sounds'??kids needing things, work phone ringing. I'??m fortunate for where I live, and it'??s never more than a couple minutes to get to a trailhead and start a quiet ride or a hike.

A typical week's worth of workouts looks like:I teach five yoga classes to 3-5 year olds each week. That'??s where the workout schedule starts. Then I try to get to a yoga class on my own. The rest of my routine is seasonal. I Ski with my kids 2-3 times a week, and then maybe grab an hour on my own or with my husband (that'??s a date for us!). I hike with my dog a few times a week, anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on what my schedule allows. I think when you are a busy working mom you have to build the workout routine into your family life, otherwise there just is not enough time in the day. When you get your kids moving with you, they learn healthy routines from you. Finally, I go to a meditation class once a week (that is the best thing I do for myself and my family!). It'??s incredible how much that class does for me, both physically and mentally.

I stay motivated by: My kids (6 and 4 yr olds). It'??s only a matter of time till they are skiing better than me, biking and hiking quicker than me. I'??m not ready for that just yet. I also stay motivated because I now realize how important the workouts are for my peace of mind.

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