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Fit Mom Profile: Krista Garrison

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Time for our last Fit Mom Profile. We've spotlighted many entrepreneurs--women who have kids and a somewhat flexible schedule. But about corporate moms? Well Krista Garrison is a mom who works for a large company, has two kids and still manages to break a sweat on a regular basis (and I don't mean when she gets stuck in the maddening Chicago-area traffic jams).
Krista is a healthcare nutrition sales representative for an enormous food company (I guarantee you've got one of their products in your cupboards) and a marathon runner. This 36 year old has managed to keep running even after the babies arrived (please hold your applause til the end!) and is back on the marathon training circuit.

Fitness goal for 2010: Post-pregnancy weight loss and getting back to my prior fitness level. I also plan to run a half marathon (Chicago rock n roll half marathon) August 1st and have already signed up. I'll join a Chicago area training group that starts in May to get geared up and on track.

Biggest fitness accomplishment:Finishing three marathons a few years back. For someone who really never loved running, I got roped in back before I had kids and had lots of time to dedicate to it. Finishing that first marathon was an amazing feeling and it's something I can always be proud to say I did.

I like working out: Both! I like to run alone but train for races as a group, muscle/pilates classes do much better in group setting

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a.) alone

b.) with groups

You can find me:

a.) at the gym

b.) on the mountain

c.) in front of my favorite DVD

d.) with my wii

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A. Especially in the winter, I am a bit of a gym rat although have a convenient elliptical at home too. When it gets warmer, will do anything and everything outdoors for fitness

My favorite time of the day to workout:Morning (get it out of the way and energize for the day). I find otherwise I may have my workout clothes on all day while working in the home office, with good intentions, and then never work out. Too much piles up and can sidetrack you, so it's good to fit it in early!

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My sneaky fitness trick: I have learned to double up on strengthening by doing something else while I lift weights (like stand on a bosu or sit on an exercise ball for core), or do squats along with biceps, etc. More bang for the buck and less time which is key for me!

Why I workout: My workouts are my sanity. It's "my time" to push so hard I can't think about anything else; work, kids, "to do" lists, they all take a backseat at least for a short time. If I don't exercise, I get grumpy (just ask my husband) and feel less confident, etc. I also thrive on being healthy, as does my husband, and we want to emulate that for our children.

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Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.): I am an Adidas girl for running shoes (buy the same Supernova Classic over and over again), but love Nike apparel. Also LOVE Lucy for casual/workout clothes that are so cute!

I'd like to try _swimming_ this year to keep my routine fresh. But I also said that during both pregnancies and never did it!

Best workout song ever:I am a music lover and have a variety of workout playlists for my IPODs. Music can make or break a run or a workout for me. As long as it has some good bass and a fast beat, I can make it work!

A typical week's worth of workouts looks like:

Monday: weight training class
Tuesday: cardio and abs
Wed: rest or run
Thurs: weight training and cardio
Friday: pilates
Saturday: run
Sunday: rest

I stay motivated by: Changing it up. Some instructors at my gym have devised a new year "challenge" I am doing now which incorporates stairs into the workout week, challenges you to try a new class each week, do crunches and pushups every day, drink water, and several other goals. I love having something new to reach for and mix up the old stale winter routine.

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