Fit Mom Profile: Jennie Baird

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Co-owning two of the most popular babay name websites and keeps this mama mighty busy. Add in five children and a new marriage and you've got a recipe for tons of stress. Rather than become the "frazzled mom" of sitcoms this 42 year old takes to the ice to refresh and get ready to give parents the tools to pick the best names possible. Let's find out more about Jennie Baird who plays in the NY area suburbs.

Fitness goal for 2010: I don't really have any special goals this year. Stay strong and healthy; no injuries; keep on trucking!

Biggest fitness accomplishment:

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My first Waltz jump -- I was 40! (I was 36 and had never done more than skate around the edge of a rink, holding on to the edge when I got wobbly. But after my divorce, I decide it was time to learn something new -- I set a goal to learn some tricks on the ice and to be able to do them in the middle of the Rockefeller Center skating rink. I stumbled onto the rink one day, eventually found my coach, and a few years later, there I was Waltz jumping in the center of the Rockefeller Rink!)

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I like working out:

a.) alone -- I definitely prefer to work out alone; it is meditative and relaxing.

b.) with groups -- I try to skate with a coach once a week during the winter; on the weekends, I enjoy activities I can do with my husband and/or my children -- hiking, cycling, swimming, even going for a run.

You can find me:

b.) outdoors

My favorite time of the day to workout:

Running: First thing in the morning
Skating: midday

My sneaky fitness trick:

I only do activities that are fun and don't feel like hard work -- even running, I keep an easy pace and run routes that take me through the woods or near the water; it's also a great chance to listen to music and have some "me" time.

Why I workout: To manage stress; to feel strong; to keep my energy level up; to do something for myself

Favorite fitness brand (shoe, apparel, etc.):

Running: Asics running shoes, tricked out with Nike + iPod gear
Skating: Harlick skates

I'd like to try ____________ this year to keep my routine fresh.

playing tennis more frequently

Best workout song ever:

"Huddle Formation" by the Go! Team
"Move This" by Technotronic and "Heh Yah" by Outkast are also favorites

A typical week's worth of workouts looks like:

Exercise more days than I don't, and mix it up.

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During the week, I try to get out for a 30-40 minute run 2-3 times (days I am at home). Then, depending on the season I either skate 1-2 days/week, usually between meetings in NYC (winter) or swim a couple of evenings and go for one good bike ride or hike on the weekend.

I stay motivated by:

I gave up exercising because it was "good for you" long ago ... it was just too hard to stay motivated. I only exercise because I get immediate gratification from it -- time alone; a chance to watch the seasons change along my regular running trails; the feel of the wind on my face; a chance to catch up with a friend who might join me for a skate or a bike ride. These are joys we all had as children; it took having children to be reminded that being outside and moving your body is fun, not work.

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