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Ah the nightly bedtime ritual. For many it is fraught with small battles--washing the face, brushing the teeth, taming the tresses and the last potty stop. We've found a product that turns one of these tasks into a pleasure. We're addicted to the new Firefly Toothbrushes for kids we've been testing.

Just like the lovable summer bug, these brushes light up at the tip--it's been a month and they are still flashing. Each brush has a "light up timer" in it that flashes for 60 seconds, the length of time dentists say is required to thoroughly brush each arch. My girls watch the flash, brush with dedication. Dr. Fresh thank you for taking one of the battles out of the equation. The bristles are soft--yet somehow not as wimpy as the standard kiddie brushes. Now my kids clamor to brush--we found them on Amazon for $2.49 for a pack of two.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get two brushes to test. Shopping via Amazon helps us--we get a small % of all the purchases.

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