Fighting Dry Skin with Olay

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You know what suffers when you train for a triathlon? Not just your muscles. You skin and your hair. Chlorine, wind and swear ( swim, bike and run) dry out skin. As I have gotten older I do what I can to keep my fitness levels up. So I work out and my skin suffers. But fortunately, there are solutions that come in a bottle. I won't cut back on training for the sake of dry skin. I need solutions that don't involve being sedentary or stating out of the sun.

This month I have been testing out a new body wash that adds moisture in the shower, After I train, I jump in our outdoor shower and lather up. My summer-dry skin has improved. While I still need a bit of moisturizer, I have seen progress in my skin. My heels and elbows were the areas where I saw the most improvement. I'm not going to stop training--I just don't want to look like I've spent hours in the pool or on the bike. The right skincare can make all the difference.

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Did you know that virtually all of the moisturizers in the leading body wash just wash down the drain? Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is different. The cleansing lather releases a moisturizing lotion. More moisturizers stay on your skin and less go down the drain. The result? More moisturized skin. See the facts at

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