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En Garde! Get ready for an interesting and unique way to put a spin on after-school activities. Check out the Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club to find out how you and your child could be "advancing" in no time.

I took basic stage-combat in college, but nothing could have prepared me (or my thighs, knees, and lower back) for the arduous workout I received at the Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club in the heart of DUMBO.

Insert teacher, with numerous and prestigious accolades, Dan Kellner. His authority on the sport comes from years of competing (and winning), studying, and even going to the Olympics in 2004. (You can see his talents here.)He has immense patience and before I started my lesson, he took great care with a little boy who was bursting with excitement at the thought of holding a foil.

While Dan recommends children be 7 years old to begin, go check out his studio and let him give you an idea as to what fencing is all about. They have dozens of packages for you or your child to choose from and they even do birthday parties. Although you may think giving a bunch of kids potential weapons is a bad idea, you will be amazed by the poise Dan is capable of instilling in even the rowdiest of child.

As exhausted as I was after my private lesson, I felt invigorated and excited to come back for more. If you or your child is up for the challenge, then I say to you, "en garde!"

See for yourself:

The Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club

68 Jay Street, #508

in DUMBO Brooklyn

between Front St. and Water St.


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