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Feeling Healthy, Happy, and Hydrated With FIJI Water

I've been neglecting my own health and well-being this summer. It's just a fact of motherhood: Mama's needs and priorities get put on the back burner when she's got babies to take care of.


You see, without the routine of his regular nursery-school program, my three-year-old son has been cooped up inside the house with my very fair-skinned, and, thus, not-yet-outdoorsy eight-month-old baby girl. And, so, much of the hot, humid season has been spent indoors--playing with toys, watching (limited) TV, making up games, reading books... It's been fun and all, but a little bit (okay, a lotta bit) monotonous.

When we do get outside, I end up chasing around my wild, energetic toddler in the heat while simultaneously worrying whether my infant is adequately protected from the sun. It sounds ridiculous, but this has been the story of my summer... More or less.

On top of that, I haven't been eating healthy, exercising regularly, or hydrating the way I should be. I'm trying to balance full-time work with full time-parenting with full-time fun-in-the-sun/shade. Don't get me wrong, it's a good problem to have, but, still, it's been a juggling act.

And that crazy sleep-deprived rant leads me to last week's #FIJIFit event. The Momtrends team invited a group of NYC-area bloggers to a spinning class at Peloton, sponsored by FIJI Water. The iconic brand has just introduced a new water-bottle design. Featuring a gorgeous pink hibiscus, the updated FIJI bottle is slimmer and sleeker--so it fits inside workout equipment, as well as car and stroller cup holders.

nicole and bloggers
wall of FIJI

To kick off the event, our very own Nicole, talked about the importance of making time for fitness. She suggests scheduling exercise into your calendar, as you would any other business appointment. She also stressed that, as moms, we should be leading by example. Our kids need to see us being active and making health a priority. Well, that, really hit home...

nicole kicking off FIJIFIT event
peloton ambiance
peloton class
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blogger exercising
bloggers and teacher

And our 30-minute killer cardio workout further proved her point. We danced, we spun, we hydrated (with FIJI, of course!), we sweat it out, and I realized that I am seriously out of shape. It is, most definitely, time to get back into the swing of things.

bottle in bike
bloggers mingling
peloton studio

After our exercise class, we chatted amongst ourselves and enjoyed a healthy brunch--with lots of water. It was clear that everyone felt energized, pumped, invigorated... and very, very hydrated.

FIJI brunch

I can't wait to feel like that again... It's time to prioritize my needs. Luckily, FIJI and maybe some more Peloton classes will help me on my journey.

spinning instructor

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

fiji bags
FIJIFIT gift bag

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