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What are you passionate about? For me, one thing that fuels my soul is running. Sure I love a great trip to Paris and a shiny new pair of Jimmy Choos. But when the chips are on the table, running is what helps me manage stress, maintain my energy and boost my creativity. And hey, it doesn't hurt how my legs look either.

This month I'm working with the Sheba ® brand on the Sheba. Follow Your Passion. campaign. To help feed my passion, I was able to hire a set of training sessions with Fitness Focused Run Coaches from Hot Bird Running. I've never actually been coached in running. I just plod along. After my first session I was so impressed--turns out a few simple fixes can have me running stronger and faster. Add in a new pair of running shoes and I'll be ready to set a personal best at my next half marathon this spring.

My first session was all about form and consistency. Here we are warming up with my coaches:

hot bird running

I'm not the only one with a passion. Celebrity Eva Longoria has a thing for dancing...and cats. She's helping to launch the big promotion with Sheba. Here's a look at the new SHEBA® Feed Your Passion TV commercial featuring Eva Longoria

On March 7th, Sheba is launching the Sheba. Feed your passion. contest. This is your chance to make your perfect day a reality. Click here for contest details. The idea is that Sheba® is as passionate about giving cats the very best food. I'm a cat-lover and a cat-spoiler. I know that feeding your pet with the best is just essential to pet health and bonding.

For more fun and to engage with other cat lovers visit https://www.facebook.com/ShebaBrand

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