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We scouted the web in search of the best sites to help with planning and booking family friendly travel. We know you've got limited time, tight budgets and big dreams. Get ready to pack your bags. Here are our top picks for online travel tools for families:

Best Travel Search Engines

If you are ready to book, check out Kayak.com. Kayak has been consistently rated as the best travel search engine, and it is almost always my first stop when I book travel. Kayak does not directly book travel but instead aggregates deals from more than 400 travel booking sites, so you know you are getting the best deal. Kayak'??s cool slider search tools allow you to screen out those red eyes, double hops or other flights that don'??t work with young ones in tow.

Hotels.com is the place to go if you have any out-of-the ordinary hotel requirement. Great prices on hotels, and you do things like book an extra room for your kids or find specialty hotels such as eco-friendly resorts.

Best Sites for Trip Ideas & Planning

But what if you aren'??t ready to book, but are in need of inspiration and ideas? If this is you, here are your new travel planning BFFs.

FamilyVacationCritic.com (owned by TripAdvisor.com) is a hub offering ideas and booking for family vacations. We loved being able to search for resort "fit" by age group. FVC is also packed with age-specific travel tips and advice.

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Trekaroo.com is another key resource for inspiration and reservations. I loved being able to search for activities by age, mood and preferred method and distance -- making this site useful for finding ideas ranging from weekend drives to big family vacations.

Tripadvisor.com is brimming with ideas for destinations, itineraries, places to stay, all powered by '??over 35 million trusted traveler reviews and opinions'?. I thank Tripadvisor for helping me find a hotel in Greece that was toddler-friendly (Greece is not known for its thorough child proofing, so it was a lifesaver in more ways than one).

Destination Guides and Activity Booking

Viator.com is to figure out what to do once you arrive where you are going. If you want to skip ticket lines for things like city tours, theme parks and museums this is a must-visit.

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If you are a road-tripper you will want to check out RoadsideAmerica.com, which will help you find landmarks and other oddball curiosities worth visiting on your next roadtrip.

Have you tried any of these sites? What others do you swear by? Wishing you happy trails this summer!

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