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Eco-Friendly Bottles from SIGG

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My baby is almost off of the bottle, and to transition her I have been giving her water and milk in BPA and phthalate-free bottles from SIGG. Renowned for their innovative designs with a nonporous interior lining, all SIGG bottles are certified free of harmful chemicals that are also completely taste and odor neutral (no plastic taste), recyclable and manufactured and quality checked in Switzerland. I love that this brand is renowned for safe and clean products that they are so confident you will love that they tout the their products as "the last water bottle you'll ever buy!"


Eco-Friendly Bottles from SIGG

In addition to offering safe products, all of there bottles offer several unique looks to fit the mood of every personality. My baby had a loves her cute Hot Wheels bottle with additional styles like Teddy & Co., Forest Fun, and Pirate's Treasure catching my eye. My older daughter loves her Monster ABC bottle that we carry around everywhere, and other models like Pink Skyline, Witches' Broom, and King of the Pitch are also perfect for kids her age. The beauty of having so many options, while also offering the same durability and functionality, allows kids to be able to find a bottle that showcases their personalities. I also love using my own SIGG Peace and Harmony bottle that I tout around in my bag wherever I go. For adults and older kids, they also offer unique styles like Undersea Poetry, James Rizzi and Wuthering Polka for fun and bold looks that take the traditional water bottle to the next level.

For back to school season, SIGG is also launched a limited edition Rainbow collection featuring 12 vibrant hues inspired by the rainbow. Running the spectrum from neon yellow to cool coral to royal blue, I loved the unique colors that were equipped with the Classic SIGG bottle with screw top and are also crack proof, spill proof, leak proof.

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In addition to their innovative bottles, they also offer a new line of metallic boxes that come in fun bold colors that are perfect for containing your lunch, snack items or toting your school art supplies. Offered in hues of green, blue, fuchsia and silver, these boxes ward off moisture and mold with their aluminum composition and for that reason are also odor resistant. We love using them for both lunches and storage. They are super light, durable and feature a sleek appearance that can also be easily decorated with stickers or puffy paint for a truly unique and personalized look.

For the little one's carrying a 0.4 or 0.3L bottle and need extra insulation to keep their beverages cool (or hot) all day long, SIGG also offers their cool neoprene pouches. In addition to maintaining temperatures of your drinks, these pouches can also keep your bottles looking like new and protect them from dents or blemishes that are sometimes unavoidable with kids.

Featuring an innovative, stylish and chemical-free product line, we love the numerous options and features from SIGG that truly makes it a modern-day classic. It's a great item to include for a no-waste lunchbox.

The entire SIGG collection can be viewed here:

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