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Lots of news here at Momtrends. We're bringing in some fresh talent. Let me introduce our new Children's Book Reviewer--Mandy Fisher. Mandy's an aspiring actress and children's author based in Astoria, Queens. She has her BFA in Theatre and is a published writer. Her desire to write for children is a recent adventure and we couldn't be more thrilled that she is sharing her talents and taste with us. Her first assignment: Finn Throws a Fit.

Finn Throws a Fit: Anyone who'??s been around a child for 10 minutes can understand David Elliot'??s inspiration for Finn Throws a Fit. Upon opening the book, you meet Finn who looks as innocent and sweet as the peach he is holding. Then, suddenly, out comes the raging storm within him. You are taken through the tears and screams via an organic, finger-painted-like portrait of Finn and the havoc he reigns on his parents. But like all storms, there comes quiet end and Finn returns to his sweet self. It is delightfully illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering (The Tale of Despereaux) who shows us that a child will sometimes engage in a metaphorical tempest, but will come out being just as loved as Finn is. Elliot reminds us that there is humor in everything'?? even in a screaming kid. I recommend this book for children 3+, although littler ones will enjoy looking at the pictures.

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Mandy Gives it: Four Fish!

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1 fish=not worth your time

2 fish=reading it once is enough

3 fish=rent it don't by it

4 fish=worthy to add it to your collection

5 fish=classic! by it for every child you know

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