Faux Leather Jackets for Toddlers

Bomber Babe_ Faux Leather Jackets for Littles

The weather in New York has been insanely amazing these last few days. I mean, it's mid-February, and we hit 64 degrees. SIXTY-FOUR DEGREES! That's mind-blowing and record-shattering, and I, for one, couldn't be happier to get a little spring preview—especially after an epic winter storm just last week. (Seriously, the weather is all over the map!)

Of course, my kids have been crazy-excited to get outside too and take advantage of the warm spell—to run and frolic and swing and kick and cartwheel and jump rope and throw snowballs from the sporadic and mostly melted patches of icy slush.

Naturally, they're not quite as excited about getting on their heavy jackets. They're so eager to escape the indoors and play that they don't want to take the time to layer up in those bulky, restricting winter puffers I've been shoving them in for the last three months (nevermind the hats, gloves, scarves, and boots).

Nevertheless, I haven't had time to take out (and shop for new) spring gear. Seriously, I wasn't anticipating this kind of weather yet. And so I whipped out our early fall jackets, instead. Easy-breezy—literally.

My little lady was pretty pumped to lighten up in a faux leather moto-bomber jacket. It's the perfect weight and offer ideal coverage for these unlikely and confusing "sprinter" conditions.

baby leather bomber
penelope and bulldog

How sweet and stylish does P look in her quilted pleather moto jacket? It's equal parts functional and fashionable. (It's not as fabulous as this true-leather grownup style, but I still think she look rocks it!) Of course, every moto baby needs an equally edgy accessory—and for Penn, that's her English Bulldog sidekick, Duke...

pleather girls

From left to right: Genuine Kids Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $22 / Urban Republic Distressed Faux Leather Jacket, $46/ OshGosh Ruffled-Pink Faux Leather Jacket, $22

I've rounded up three super-affordable and super-chic faux leather jacket for littles. Whether it's a style statement or a weather necessity, these warm jackets are a staple in every toddler' closet... Bulldog not included.

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