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Farmers Markets & Allergy Survival

Allergy Survival

Kids see everything we do. It’s more meaningful by far than what we say. Each spring I make a renewed effort to embrace the local movement. In part it’s selfish, I love eating fresh produce bursting with flavor. Part of it is a grand “teachable moment.” My girls see me planning meals in a purposeful way.

Allergy Survival

Shop local: We make plans to visit the local Farmer’s Market in Brooklyn each week. Week by week we observe the change in offerings. Slowly we switch from root vegetables to hardy beans and artichokes to the early lettuces. Then things pick up speed in May and June as the more delicate offerings arrive. I want me girls to notice the seasons and be keenly aware of how great things taste when then are in season.

backyard gardening

Get up and Grow: Even if you live in the city you can grow SOMETHING. Herbs will survive in just about any window. I have a small box garden in Connecticut. The girls help with selecting seeds, planting, weeding and harvesting.

Meat-Free Monday: Once a week we take a break from meat and fish. This is the chance to make veggies and fruits the star of the show. When you cook seasonally, the ingredients can stand up to close scrutiny.

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Zero Waste Policy: This means two things–nothing disposable goes into the lunch bags (all the cute refillable containers makes this easy). And it also means the leftovers all get used. Tidbits of veggies get tossed in scrambled eggs. Leftover fruit goes into a breakfast smoothie. Wilted spinach gets tossed into pasta. Nothing drives me battier than tossing out food that I planned to eat, shopped for and stored. I’m trying to be intentional about how much I prepare and shop for.

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One common theme in all of this? I’ve got to get outdoors to enjoy all these things. Since age 13 I’ve been whalloped with seasonal allergies. Itchy eyes, runny nose that can worsen with the seasons. Lucky in one respect, I do respond well to OTC medications. Thankfully OTC medication like Flonase, when used once a day, knocks out my symptoms and gets me back enjoying all the things I love.

I’m allergic to tree pollen. So early season is the roughest. Just as I start to venture out more I start to see my symptoms get worse. Here are my three top tips for being prepared:
1. Plan your treatment. Work with your doctor to map out your allergy medicines early. Begin treating your allergy symptoms as soon as they start.
2. Suit up. When I garden or head to the outdoor markets I toss on a hat and sunglasses to minimize the amount of pollen getting in my eyes and hair.
3. Seal it up. I get fresh air OUTSIDE. Once home I turn on the air and use a filter. My outdoor clothes go in the hamper to keep pollen from making its way around the house.

How are you embracing spring? Are you combatting allergies and winning? What are your #BeGreater rules to live by? Join the conversation with the hashtag #BeGreater. Find out more about Flonase here

Top Three Rules to Live By:
1. Comparison is the thief of joy.
2. Food brings family together, find time to cook.
3. Be the type of person you’d like to meet.

This is a sponsored post. We’re working with GSK to talk about real allergy solutions. I’ve been a moderate-to-severe allergy sufferer since I was 13. All opinions–and sneezes–are my own.

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