Fancy Holiday Hairstyles for Girls

Prettiest Twisted Bun hairstyle

Create a gorgeous braid for your daughter this holiday or for any special occasion. I worked with Johnson's No More Tangles on this seasonal celebration hair video. The host of the event was Tracy Perez, Beauty Director at Parents Magazine. We talked about hair tips and how we created the: Prettiest Twisted Bun hairstyle.

This twisted bun was relatively simple (I could recreate this at home) and definitely a crowd pleaser.

The stylist used NO MORE TANGLES® products to create this hairstyle. Our favorite is the 

Johnson's No More Tangles Spray Detangler

you have to start with smooth hair and this does the trick!

Here are the step-by-step instructions to create this beautiful bun:

1. Create a deep side parting, taking it back three inches from hairline
2. Brush the rest of the hair from right to left bringing it together to create a left side ponytail, and then secure with a hair tie
3. Take the front section and start twisting it backwards until you run out of hair
4. Take the end of the hair and twist it around bun
5. Twist the tail around the ponytail securing it with bobby pins to creating a bun

That’s it, you’re done! No blow dryers or irons needed. Just some great products and a comb.

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