April Fools' Food Pranks

Nope, we won't put hot sauce in the ketchup container, but marshmallow treats that look like meatloaf and mashed potatoes that resemble sundaes? Those are tasty tricks we can get behind on the trickiest day of the year. We've rounded up a few of our favorite family-friendly food pranks for April Fools' Day!

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Whilst researching for this April Fool's food post, I alternated between laughing out loud and gagging internally. Yeah, you can find some really nasty jokes to play on your loved ones on the Inter-webs... But, lucky for you, we like to keep it pretty (and classy!) here at Momtrends, so we'll share only the funny and cute tricks to fool your kids with on April 1, and avoid the nausea-inducing options (like, um, edible cat litter with chocolate poop). Sorry, I couldn't help myself there. 

Family-Friendly Food Pranks for April Fools' Day

Here are some of the best April Fools' food creations from our clever blogging friends. Let is know if you try them and what the kiddos think. These picks err on the side of sweet and silly, but with all food play, be sure to watch out for allergies and read the ingredient list.

  1. Meatloaf Rice Krispies via The Stay at Home Chef
  2. Pulled Pork "Cinnamon Rolls" via Food Pusher
  3. Mashed Potato "Sundaes" via Bake at 350
  4. Pizza Cake via Betty Crocker
  5. Breakfast Dessert Tacos via Fork and Beans
  6. "Not-Really Chicken" Pot-Pie Vanilla Pudding via Food.com
  7. Asparagus Cake via Sweetapolita
  8. Veggie-Filled Chocolate Bunny The Decorated Cookie
fake taco


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