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Fall is a Great Time for Family, NOT COLDS


I'd rather throw a party than crawl under the covers. Are you with me fellow hostesses? When I caught my first cold of the season I was a little bummed. I know the kids can't help sharing their germs--try as we might with hand washing--my 2nd grader managed to share a cold with us this month. Right before our big harvest party.

Thankfully, we were ready with the Dayquil supplies to get back to the business of having fun. Really, all you need to know about how I treated my cold is that I relied on DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe to do the heavy lifting. We have too much fun stuff planned for me to be out of commission.

Let's talk about harvest season. It's a favorite time to entertain. We have this amazing mini-orchard in our backyard in Connecticut. This year the apples were amazing--and 100% organic--we don't spray them. Every year we host a dinner party that incorporates MANY things with apples in them (including this squash soup). When I plan a party, I want to let my personality shine through. Feeling less than 100% just wasn't going to work with my "hostess with the mostess" attitude.

While I was planning the menu, I asked the girls to get involved. We decided it would be fun to have an official menu for the party.

fall menu by kids

Here's how you can get your kids involved in this easy and fun craft.

Make your own menu.

White paper
Hot glue gun

Have your kids practice penmanship drafting the menu in pencil. Once it's approved, have them trace the menu in marker. Now comes the fun! Have them forage in the yards for twigs, leaves, mini pinecones--anything that they like. With supervision glue the paper menu onto cardboard--leave about an 1" around the edge for decor. Then start layering on the "nature" they found outside. My girls loved contributing to the fanciness.

fall tablescape
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That's not all they can help with. My girls also cook--and set the table. Let's talk about a fun party-ready fall table. We gathered more than a dozen apples for the meal--and a few extra for this fun tablescape. While the soup was simmering, the girls and I got to work creating this. We used apples from the yard, cloves, leaves, mini gourds and a bit of colorful string to pull it all together. With this type of arranging, you really can't go wrong. When I needed to get back to cooking, I sent the girls out to look for more to forage.

It was a glorious day of creating and cooking and the whole family got involved. DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe helped me power through as a do it all Mom and hostess. I'm not perfect, but I did create a pretty special day.

Dayquil Severe

Clearly even on a weekend, I can’t take a sick day. There's just too much fun to be had.
If you love entertaining as much as I do, you probably already know about The Chic Site. This fall I'm teaming up with them to help launch @NyQuilDayQuil on twitter. Rachel, of The Chic Site will be taking over the @NyQuilDayQuil account for one day. Rachel will be sharing tips on entertaining and bringing what you love to life.

I'm sure you know what the #NoSickDays movement is about. You're like me and don't want to miss a moment of this season. When cold hit know that DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe are there for you.

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I'm not a doctor, I use Vick's products to treat my cold symptoms. If you have health questions ask your doctor, if you have lifestyle questions come to me. 

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