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Exploring Istanbul with Kids

Day 2 Collage

The day started with a generous and creative open-air breakfast at the Ciragan Palace. The girls loved the dried fruit--I loved the breads and cheese (most definitely not a carb-free vacation). We discussed our day and my older daughter voted for a boat ride on the Bosphorus.

The hour-long cruise was a steal and a hit. At 30 Turkish Lira for the three of us it was a cool, breezy break from walking and from the sun. Three thumbs up.

After a quite bite back at the hotel, we drove over Galata Bridge to the old part of town. First stop was the Blue Mosque. I forgot my shawl (American bafoon) but was loaned a bright blue sheet at the door. The highlight of the mosque was the magnificent blue tile located on the second floor where the women prayed. No mixing of men and women during services--the girls didn't really grasp that.

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From there we walked along the Hagia Sophia. The girls objected to the second mosque visit so we got a quick bit of history from our guide and then made our way to the Topkapi Palace. My thinking? What little girl wouldn't love visiting a palace!

While much of the Harem portion was under repair, we still admired the spectacular views and the grandeur of the palace. Most of the day was arranged by a lovely concierge, Omar, from the hotel. He lined up a lovely guide and was very patient as I attempted to get my international phone working (no success).

Next up Cappadocia. Do you want to join me for a hot air balloon ride? It's a once in a lifetime thing!

For more on Istanbul, head here and click on over here to see where we stayed, here's where we stayed Istanbul Ciragan Palace Kempinski/

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