Exclusive Inverview With Jessica Seinfeld: Baby Buggy's & Target Team Up

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Baby Buggy has a new partnership: Petit Trésor for Target. These affordable baby basics are soft as a whisper and cute as can be. But this partnership goes deeper: Target will donate 10% of each purchase to Baby Buggy. We caught up with the mom mastermind behind Baby Buggy--Jessica Seinfeld--to talk design, doing good, and diapers in this exclusive Momtrends interview.

This is Jessica's second time teaming up with Target. This go-round she's tapped the luxury design team at www.petittresor.com and she made the most of the partnership. More than 1500 Target stores will carry the line and Target.com. Jessica's hoping to raise $500,000 for Baby Buggy and we're helping her spread the word. Baby Buggy helps NYC's neediest families get new and gently used essentials (think diapers, strollers, etc.). Jessica is a mom that feels mighty blessed so she uses her A-lister clout to raise funds and awareness for those that need it most. Let's find a little more about this power mom.

NF: Are you getting the baby bug out of your system working with this line?
JS: No! I am not getting it out of my system, these clothes make me want to have more kids!

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NF: Let's talk about the lovey from the line. This bear is so cute. Did your kids have a favorite lovey or doll?

JS: Yes, In fact there are three "Elefantes Seinfelds" residing in a plastic bin in my cupboard right now.

NF: The line is like eye candy and so soft. Tell me a little about the collection.

JS: It all feels high end. It looks luxurious and wears well. We'??ve (Baby Buggy) have been offered opportunities for a high-end collection that is pricey. But I am interested in making things affordable and adorable.

NF: Can we expect more of these partnerships with Target?

JS: Yes. We've got a third one launching right after this.

NF: Did you help with the design?

JS: Not at all! I let the experts do their thing.

NF: In addition to shopping from this line how else can families give to Baby Buggy?

JS: Clear out the closets and donate your baby gear and clothes or hold a diaper drive this holiday season.

NF: Why do you make time to give back?

JS: I grew up in a house that gives back. My mom is a social worker. As a mom, I am being true to my values and my upbringing. And Baby Buggy helps me impart on my children a critical message about giving back.

Thank you Jessica! And now a look at what did we pick from the line:

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Newborn Petit Tresor For Target Green Short-sleeve 3 pc Bodysuit ($16.99)

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Newborn Petit Tresor For Target White Snuggle Buddy ($6.99)

Shop the collection and support Baby Buggy

To learn more about Baby Buggy visit www.babybuggy.org

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