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Serious foodies head to epicurious.com to find unusual items and challenging recipes. For instance, our food co-op has amazing free-range duck breasts, but we needed a new way to cook them.

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They source recipes from Gourmet Magazine and BonAppetit. When I entered "duck breast" I got six pages of results. The recipe I seleceted "Duck Breast With Frisee Salad and Port Vinaigrette" was from a 2009 issue of Gourmet and is headed under the "quick and easy section."

The recipe was indeed easy but did require ingredients you might not have on hand (port wine, shallot and frisee lettuce). I suggest Epicurus for anyone looking to test their skills. The downside: no nutritional information and I was disappointed in the food dictionary--I entered fiddle head fern and got nada. Oh well, I am open to suggestions on the veggie!

While on the site, don't skip the wine section. I really enjoyed the article Top 5 Summer Wines.

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