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End of Year Health Check Up

five healthresolutions you can keep in 2017!

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own in this End of Year Health Check Up. Full disclosure.

The new year means a new chance to make health a priority in your family. With a plan for your family's health care, you can not only keep everyone feeling well, but also teaching your kids to take care of themselves.

5 Health Appointments You Can't Afford to Miss in 2017

1. First things first, I hope by now you have a flu shot. If not, this is a really easy way to jumpstart your health this year. Did you know more than 111 million workdays are lost because of flu at an estimated $7 billion/year in sick days and lost productivity? Add into that the fact that moms don't often have a back-up plan. Think you don't have time or money? Think again. Most pharmacies offer them for free. Takeaway: Get your flu shot.

2. Get that eye exam for everyone in the family. Teens and tweens are pretty good at hiding eye problems. Phone screens can be held right under the nose. Don't wait for a teacher to diagnose a problem. Our littlest has been in glasses for years, so we know the importance of taking everyone in for periodic check-ups. Takeaway: Vision visits should be 1x a year.

3. When it comes to the dentist, twice a year is the rule. Book your first appointment now and then schedule the second one for summer when your schedule is a lot less busy. It's easy to start on a good schedule, make sure the second visit happens. Takeaway: Ask your dentist to send you a text reminder when it's time to book an appointment.

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4. When we were kids the first orthodontist visit happened when the dentist found crowding was causing problems. Things have changed. Now parents are being more proactive with teens. As you kick off the year, it's a great time to make a consultation appointment for your teen. With Invisalign Teen®, it's not a big battle for the first-time visit. Thanks to Invisalign Teen® you can straighten your teen's teeth without metal wires and brackets getting in the way--when your tell your kids that they might be able to skip the brackets, they'll be a lot more likely to make a trip to the orthodontist. Takeaway: Research Invisalign Teen® when considering orthodontic work.

5. There's nothing to gain by procrastinating on your health. Taking the lead to show your family that health matters for EVERYONE. So this last one's for you mamas. Promise me you'll get the big three done--PAP smear, mammogram and skin cancer check. Show your family that you take your health seriously. Takeaway: Your health matters too. It all starts with you.

End of Year Health Check Up Starts with You!

The kiddos will be a lot more likely to embrace these appointments if you are joining the healthy movement. Let me give you an example, this year I had to worrisome moles checked out. I showed them to the kiddos and then reported back after my dermatologist visit. I had to have the two moles removed and biopsied. Everything ended up fine, but I shared the experience to teach them that ignorance is bliss.

In fact, I'm going to be going with my tween to have my teeth checked out for Invisalign. My teeth have shifted a lot since my teens. I lost my retainer a few decades ago. It's time to see if I can straighten things out. I'm ready to take the lead on my family's health.

Now's the time to grab your day timer and start planning for a healthy and happy 2017.

Health Tips for families

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