Ellen Pompeo takes on motherhood

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SELF'??s April issue features a terrific interview with hot new mama Ellen Pompeo. After giving birth to baby Stella, Ellen is ready to reveal her "Pregnancy Truths" and her food strategies. Self generously shared parts of the interview with me. This motivated mom only took four weeks of maternity leave before jumping back into work. I was interested to learn about Ellen's mamavation...

"I make a good living, but I won'??t always make this kind of money. I felt I needed to work while I had this opportunity. The writers and producers were really gracious and wrote my scenes so I could preshoot them. I didn'??t have to miss any episodes," says Ellen.

Unlike most of us, the super slim actress only went up one pant size. "I gained 26 pounds. Now, after the baby, I weigh 10 pounds more than I ever have." To stay in great shape Ellen says she, '??Takes a few hours and prepares lunch for the week. On Sundays, I premake everything for salads. I boil a dozen eggs and parboil beets. I chop lettuce, cilantro, scallions and parsley and put it all in ziplock bags. During the week, I just grab handfuls, add dressing, dump in a can of beans, some goat cheese, and I'??m ready to go.'?

I love picturing Ellen in the kitchen and I'm also very supportive of her attempts at balance. "People ask, '??Why don'??t you do movies?'?? and I'??m like, '??Really? I just acted my ass off for 10 months. You want me to take my eight weeks off and act?'?? Where is my life? How am I supposed to act if I have no life experience to draw from? One reason I wanted a child is to have my life be about something other than work!'? Amen to that and thanks Self for Sharing this.

To see the behind the scenes of the interview go here.

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