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I love the subscription box trend and Ecocentric Mom is a great addition to the category. From beauty to diapers to food, it's great to get goodies delivered right to your door. Busy moms don't have time to shop for the hottest accessories, let alone keep up with what's eco-friendly in the beauty and personal care category.

How it Works

EcoCentric Mom is a monthly subscription box that aims to take care of mom and her wish to do right by the environment.

When you subscribe to EcoCentric Mom you will receive a bunch of hand selected, eco-friendly products for your stage of motherhood, conveniently delivered to your door. For our tester box we were delighted by what we found inside. Check it out:

So many good things in one small little package. Here's a close-up of the box that I received. In each box, you'll get 5-9 sample size products. I found them to be very generously sized not skimpy at all. My box included photo natural products to revitalize and renew for spring. I got products for better skin, hair, breath and nutrition. And EcoCentric Mom made sure to leave out the excess ingredients and toxic additives. For a full list of products you can visit the "Past Boxes" section of the site--it's a great place to research your favorites and get special savings codes on re-orders.

EcoCentric products

EcoCentric Mom Box Choices

There are three options, each customized to a different phase of the motherhood journey. I picked the "Mom Box" but you can also pick from "Mom & Baby Box" and the "Pregnancy Box."

You can also customize your commitment. For starters, my "Mom Box" is $24.95/box plus $4.00 signup fee and it renews monthly (so remember to cancel when you are ready!). You can save on pre-purchasing a 12-month deal.

Get your own subscription or to give this as a gift here

Ecocentric Mom

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