Easter Egg Decorating Hacks

Did you happen to catch our recent Facebook Live video about Easter egg-decorating hacks? We shared two fun and easy ways to make dyeing, coloring, and crafting those pretty-in-pastel eggs way easier. Unfortunately, both outcomes were sorta #PinterestFails... ah the beauty and hilarity of live streaming!

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Alas, despite our shoddy results, we really do think there are a few simple methods to make the Easter egg decorating process a breeze for Mom and a whole lot of fun for the family. We've rounded up five ways to embrace your artistic side this Easter!

gilded watercolor easter eggs

Gilded Watercolor Eggs: These are the prettiest eggs we've ever laid eyes on; and making them is easier than it looks. All you need is a paintbrush, some watercolor paints, tin foil, and metallic spray paint. Blend swirls of different paint colors together to cover the surface of the egg. Once dry, spray a bit of metallic gold spray-paint on a piece of scrunched up tin foil, and gently wrap around the egg to create the gilded effect.

shaving cream marbel eggs

Shaving-Cream Marbelized Eggs: Fill a tin with shaving cream. Next, drop in multiple dots of food coloring and use the pointed edge of a paint brush to swirl it all together to create a marble effect. Roll your egg in the shaving cream, and leave it to dry covered in foam for 10 minutes, minimum.

diaper cream egg decorating hack

Diaper-Cream Painting: Grab a little of that thick white diaper cream and use a thin brush to paint designs on your egg. The cream will act as a barrier (just as it would on your Baby's bum), and once your egg is dipped in dye, the painted portion will stay white. After the egg has dried, simply wipe the cream off with a dry towel.

crayola scribbleable easter eggs

Try Chalk or Scribbleable Eggs: No doubt about it, no matter what hack your try or method you use, dying Easter eggs will be a messy and potentially stinky process. And that's why we're such big fans of Crayola "scribblable" eggs. These fake plastic eggs can be drawn on with crayons, marker, or paint. Plus they split in half to hide delicious treats. Chalkboard eggs are also a hit!


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