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Research shows that kids are entering puberty and experiencing biological milestones, including producing body odor, at an earlier age. Unilever'?? the leading manufacturer of deodorant and antiperspirants - recently launched a program to help both parents and tweens address the '??moment'? that a child needs to start wearing deodorant and help navigate the many sweat-inducing '??moments'? in a child'??s life.

We were recently flabbergasted to hear on NPR that girls are facing puberty as young as age 7. Moms listen up--we can't wait too long before teaching our kids about health, hygiene and their changing bodies.

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Unilever'??s initiative began after conducting a survey to uncover myths and truths associated with confidence, self esteem and personal hygiene that often affect children between the ages of 8-12. The resulting Unilever Tween Confidence Index offers a snapshot of confidence levels of tween girls and boys and their mother'??s perceptions and concerns about their lives. Some highlights:

Moms are very concerned about their child:
'?¢ Eating Healthy (55 percent)
'?¢ Doing well in school (60 percent)
'?¢ Safely using the internet (55 percent)
'?¢ 73% of moms are concerned about their ability to manage tweens'?? desire for increased freedom

Does Talking Help?
The occasional eye-roll and annoyed expression might make you think differently, but YES, talking helps!
'?¢ 69% of tweens find the talks they have with their parents to be '??very helpful'? in dealing with the pressures and challenges they face.

The website is age-appropriate, easy to navigate and hosts valuable information as well as fun activities, like the product matchmaker, where you answer a few questions to find the perfect personal hygiene product for you. Plus, Unilever (maker of Dove, Degree and Suave Antiperspirants) has a page full of coupons to help moms go shopping.

The printable guidebook is a MUST. It offers comprehensive information for tweens and parents including a tween hygiene checklist and sound advice on skin care, stress, self-esteem.

For expert tips, confidence-building tools, and stories about how parents are helping their tweens navigate the tricky tween years, visit

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did attend a luncheon hosted by Unilever.

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