DIY Perfume-Bottle Vase

DIY Perfume-Bottle Vase

My favorite perfume is almost impossible to find. It’s Chanel Gardenia, and you can’t get it at most department store beauty counters. For some reason, it’s not the brand’s most favored fragrance. And that’s fine by me—I like to have my own unique, signature scent. Of course, I also like to have good-old Chanel No. 5 on my vanity. It's a classic, after all.

perfume vanity

The bottle is "covetable" too—and so I hate to get rid of it when I use up every drop of floral-infused fabulousness. And that’s why I turn my old, empty perfume bottles into vases. They make great accent pieces for bathrooms, vanities, and shelves.

But why stop at perfume bottles? Glass milk bottles, sparkling water bottles, wine bottles, and booze bottles are great vessels for beautiful bouquets too. I turned this empty bottle of Patrón (put to good use, of course!) into a decorative statement on my bar cart.

upcycled vase

Mind you, slipping flowers into an uncorked tequila bottle is way easier than getting that impossible top off of your favorite perfume. You'll likely need pliers to remove the spray top. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a dremel hand tool and a diamond wheel. ('m all about upcycling, but I like to keep it simple!)

What's your favorite non-vase vase? Tea pots, coffee cups, booze bottles, rain boots?! They all make creative, clever, and cute DIY vase options. Put those Valentine's Day blooms to good decorative use this year!

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