Disney Disappoints this Blogger


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I tweeted and you wanted details so here we go....

Dear Disney Store PR Team,

I have to report that I was very disappointed from today's Disney Store Times Square tour. I traveled from Brooklyn (that's four sets of stairs with a stroller if anyone is counting) with my two daughters for a 15 minute tour. I arrived at 3:30 and waited 15 minutes for a very cursory twirl through the second floor of the store. The interactive aspects of the store were quite disappointing--in fact one "princess mirror" barely worked. I gained no more knowledge from the tour than had I stumbled into the store on my own.

There was nothing "exclusive" about this opportunity. I suggest that the next event have real value for bloggers. Perhaps you should read these two posts before organizing the next event.


I'm not saying this to be mean. You and your team need to know how to effectively present your stories to bloggers. What I want to know:

* Numbers--who is expected to shop, how many jobs did you create, how many products are in store, what are the best sellers
* People--how is the staff trained, where were they hired, will princesses be visiting?
* Design--who designed the store are there "green aspects"
* Events--It was briefly mentioned that there will be events in the theater--arts & crafts--but not much. What makes a trip here worthwhile?

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And as far as logistics...why would you recommend I bring kids? There was nothing for them to do other than drool over the princess garb I wasn't going to buy them 8 weeks before Christmas. No meet and greet with a princess, no craft, no photo op for my girls. They were troopers. I know the Disney team has the knowledge to put on crowd pleasing events. We've loved going to the Disney Toy events in the past (see this post from a recent tea) and are fans of Disney movies and Disney gear.

The store was also extremely crowded, making it hard to see the individual products. Plus there was no tour of the first floor. Also where are the bathrooms, is it wheel chair accessible, is there a spot for breastfeeding mothers...the questions that went unanswered go on and on. I was given no follow up card at the event so I hope you'll address these issues. The store simply didn't come across as special and I wouldn't recommend my readers make a trip to this location.

Next time put a little more effort and pixie dust into the event. We want you to do well. We want good stories to post. As a professional who also puts on events, I know I would want feedback and I hope you take this is the best possible spirit.

Nicole Feliciano

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