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This summer I'm able to fit my work in around camp and vacations. It's all because I've crafted a career that is flexible and makes the most of my talents. I love my Mom Boss life (in fact I wrote a book about it, Mom Boss, with the forward written by cabi Chief Culture Officer, Kimberly Inskeep) I've been fortunate to team up with a company that helps moms create businesses that are similarly flexible and creative: CAbi is an incredible brand with a story that resonates with me. It's time to perhaps discover a career at cabi.

CAbi is a business launched with pluck, energy and talent. Over 35 years ago, Carol Anderson and Jan Janura launched the Carol Anderson Collection--a fashion label that exuded style. In 2002 the concept changed from traditional retail to something revolutionary--in home sales. CAbi now has over 3,000 consultants who have lucrative and fun businesses that allow them flexibilty.

Much like blogging, the CAbi consultants have to know the women in their community. This career is all about relationship building. Check out this video to learn more:

Discover a Career at CAbi

Is a CAbi career right for you? If you have a large network of female friends and love clothes, this might be the perfect job. We love this perk: Your "Seasonal Inventory" is your investment, a sales tool, and a chance to have a new wardrobe each season. Once you've got the samples, you market by just being your fabulous self and entertaining your friends.

No, it's not a huge leap of faith. You aren't in it alone. When you become a CAbi Consultant, you get support from your team leader and CAbi Colleagues, plus the helpful CAbi Home Office staff. CAbi also provides a ton of training. (there's another video here:

I'm all for opportunities that give moms the chance at a flexible work life. Many families are looking for ways to earn extra income without having to upset the applecart of family life. CAbi'??s unique business model offers moms a chance to run their own business, even with no prior experience in fashion or sales. As Cabi tells it, among direct sales companies they offer unparalleled earning opportunities. CAbi consultants are thriving 'mompreneurs' who are make the most of their time and talents.

Find out more: CAbi hosts local gatherings each season called Corner Events where you can meet CAbi Consultants and team leaders from your area! This is your chance to speak with members of the CAbi team about their experience, their tips for a thriving business, and the lasting relationships they've made along the way. Click here to contact a Consultant and attend a Corner Event near YOU!


Momtrends is thrilled to be working with CAbi on our 2012 Style Suite during the BlogHer NYC conference.

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