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Handpicked toys in a virtual boutique--that's how we see Didi's Toy Shop. Once a freestanding store in NYC, now the shop is an online for all the nation to enjoy. Didi's specializes in environmently-friendly toys with a lot of wooden characters. The goal: To replicate an "old toy feel" in new products that will enchant your children.

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Owner and New Yorker, Diana Rudman, believes that children will imagine and learn more with simple learning tools rather than complex toys sometimes sold today. We love her blog, Didi's PlayPen for all it's unexpected features. Find toy reviews and interesting Toy Facts of the Day.

Toy Fact of the Day #69

Posted by: Didis on September 5, 2010

Jenga In African Swahili, Jenga means “to build”, which is why Leslie Scott used it as the title when inventing her popular game.

Favorite brands include: Corolle Dolls, Haba, Jellycat, Kaloo, Sevi, Steif and Trudi. All brands we value and trust. Diana does a superb job creating an assortment of toys that will delight everyone. From a Dragon Cave Play Tent ($245.95) to a gorgeous Little Tea Set ($44.95)

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Shop Didis Toy Store at www.didis.com

Didi's PlayPen can be found on Twitter @didisplaypen or on www.facebook.com/didisplayground 

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