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Designed By Students

Desinged By Students

The new Designed by Students line from Staples appeals to me on so many levels. Both my girls love design. The older one is a coder and a tinkerer. She looks at the technical side of design. It’s got to function first and foremost. The younger one, she’s more concerned about form–how things look and how they appeal to the senses. Staples scores big on both fronts with this cool line of back to school gear.

For the past 30 years, Staples has been in the business of getting kids prepped for success in school. They always have the right gear at great prices, but year after year, they go bigger. They really listen to what students want.

Listening and teamwork–that’s what the Designed by Students products are all about. When it came time to come up with innovative new school supplies, Staples hired design experts and then collaborated with students from two middle schools in New York City and Austin, Texas to help dream up products that would make the school day easier.

laptop sleeve

Designed By Students

My soon-to-be 6th grader loves the Stow-it-All Backpack. There’s an insulated spot for lunches and a padded compartment for her laptop.

I also love the stash pocket–it’s perfect for her house keys. Now that she’s got a little more freedom, I’m trying to teach her skills to keep herself safe and organized. The stash spot is genius.

stash pocket

Gear Kids Want

The perfect backpack is a big deal for the first day of school. Since it seems like my middle schooler has to carry 100+ pounds of materials, I’m so thrilled Staples literally “has her back.” I’m also thrilled that they know what kids really want. This pack has thick memory foam and lumbar support to make things easier on her back.

There’s a ton more to check out in the Designed by Students section, loads more backpacks and tools for organization. The students researched designs and even helped make prototypes.

Back2Back Tech Backpack

Students were also hard at work helping to design the Back2Back Tech Backpack with a detachable laptop sleeve. It comes in two colors and has loads of pockets for tech gear. Staples has evolved, giving students gear that can keep up with them, because school isn’t just chalk, pens and paper anymore.

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writing with gel pens

The Power of Gel Pens

What else do kids want this back to school season? Gel pens. There I said it. They want gel pens. Have you written with one? If you haven’t don’t disparage this trend.

They are smooth and provide a rich color. Basically, they make it fun to write again.
In a world where kids know how to type before they know how to write in cursive, I’m completely thrilled that my girls love to write with these.

5 reasons we love gel pens

5 Reasons Why I Love Gel Pens

  1. Journaling: To prep for school the girls have been journaling, but only with gel pens.
  2. Color: The rich color options are ideal for note-taking and art projects.
  3. Homework: The comfort grip makes it possible to write for longer periods.
  4. Creativity: The ink literally flows, making writing projects more enjoyable.
  5. Pen pals: My girls want to write notes to friends and family. They actually ask for stationery and stamps.

We love the Papermate Ink Joy Gel Pens with ink that dries 3X faster for reduced smearing. Keep all the pens tidy in this Canvas Pouch from Staples. There are three messages to pick from. I like this one…

favorite gel pens

And one more thing, don’t forget to enter to win your chance to meet Katy Perry.

Staples is once again joining forces with superstar Katy Perry to help teachers bring learning to life for students during the back-to-school season.

katy perry contest

Fans can enter the ‘Staples for Students’ Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50,000 scholarship. The grand prize winner – in addition to four lucky first prize winners and one guest each – will also win travel to Los Angeles, where they’ll attend an exclusive Winners VIP Celebration with Katy Perry. Staples is donating $1 million to, a charity that has funded classroom projects for teachers and has positively affected more than 18 million students across the country.

Visit to learn about entry into the sweepstakes and for the rules. Entries must be submitted before September 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET and entrants must be 13 years or older.

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