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Since Expecting Moms month is almost over I thought I'd whip up some last minute tips on what to bring to the delivery room.

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  • A pillow. Hospital pillows stink. They are synthetic and flat as a pancake.
  • Your breastfeeding pillow (if you plan to breastfeed). I like My Brest Friend--it offers back support.
  • Thick socks or comfy slippers.
  • Lip balm & hand lotion (for some reason hospitals are always dry).
  • A extra empty bag (or two) like a Eden Reusable Shopper & Pouch for gifts and goodies from your stay (the hospital will often supply a load of diapers, an aspirator, thermometer, etc.).
  • Don't even kid yourself into believing you'll be back into your old jeans--bring loose fitting clothes for the ride home.
  • Your baby book--have the doctors, nurses and friends sign it.
  • Don't forget the car seat!


And I just got an email about this cool new product. Dearjohnnies are hospital gowns in trendy prints (i.e. bring your own gown). Now I'm not saying at $72 that they are a necessity, but they sure are cute!

Final note: One thing I hear again and again from the experts is the importance of the Kegel exercise. I thought I'd link up to an article from Deb, my pal at the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC and the author of "Get To Know Your Muscles '??Way Down There'??: The Importance of Kegels"

Besides the obvious reason to do your Kegels, (not peeing yourself would be that obvious reason), you will gain greater sensitivity and circulation in that area, making sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner. You will lessen your chances of tearing when your baby'??s head is crowning, since a toned muscle will stretch more effectively than a weak one, and should you tear, you will likely heal more quickly. You will experience more support for your body, leading to less back pain, you will minimize your chance of getting hemorrhoids and you may experience a shorter second stage of labor - PUSHING!!!

read full article here...

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