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Delicious Snacks from Barre

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Although I love sitting down to eat, the reality is that I am often on-the-go for my meals (particularly lunch time) as well as the time before dinner. To quench those hunger pains, I try to stock my purse up with healthy eats that will both sustain my hunger and provide me with sufficient nutrients to get through the day. I recently discovered a new energy bar called barre, a line of real food bars that are nutritionally balanced for maximum quick and sustained energy, muscle support and electrolyte replacement, as well as loaded with superfoods that provide a wide variety of health benefits that is designed to do just that.

Created by Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley, two dancers who were seeking food that would fill them up and not weight them down, the barre line includes real food ingredients (dates, walnuts, pecans, rolled oats, etc) that deliver a nutritional punch. While testing out some bars from the line, I loved the real-fruit taste (and not one that was chalky) that was packed with good-for-you ingredients. My favorite was the Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan that was chock full of taste that is packed with Omega-3'??s and without any refined sugar. My daughter and I tested out the Black Swan Chocolate Berry variety and we loved the subtle sweetness that was paired so well with the tart from the cherry. The line also includes a delicious bar called Ballerina Sprulina that is packed with dates, walnuts, pecans, coconut flakes, brown rice powder and peanuts that delivers a macaroon taste and rich texture that my whole family loved!

All of the bars are vegan, and free of soy and wheat and contain no animal products They also contain superfoods like spirulina, flax seed, hemp seed, agave and more to provide you with the perfect balance of minerals, energy, protein and fiber. They are also really tasty, and perfect for moms on-the-go or a healthy addition to your kids lunch box for back-to-school.

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The line also gives back and contributes to a variety of arts organizations. Since the founders have a dance background, the arts and performing are very important to them. They also encourage arts-enrichment through their website that was refreshing to see from a food company.

Not just for ballerinas or dancers, barre is a healthy snack that virtually anyone to power you through the day.

For ideas on stepping up your workout to balance out all this healthy eating check out this feature on pilates.

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