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Deet Free Mosquito Repellant Review


Mosquitos suck. Literally.

They can ruin a vacation and they can spread disease. Perhaps there is a scientist out there who can give an impassioned speech about the glorious plight of these blood-suckers, but most people I know just hate them.

When it comes to warding off mosquitos, we know that DEET works. But Yikes! Do you want to spray DEET on your kids? Nope. You want something that's going to be effective and gentle. Fairy Tales has a new formula of Bug Bandit that I brought along with me to Costa Rica.

I love nature. I'll go so far as to try and capture a bug to try and bring it outside rather than kill it. I draw the line at mosquitos. A big reason we chose Costa Rica was to see the wildlife: birds, iguanas, turtles and even cool creepy, crawly things. But I was definitely concerned about our exposure to biting bugs.

discovering costa rica

We're explorers, and we really want our kids to see the world. That's why we signed up for the Adventures by Disney trip. What I didn't want was to bring home a virus or millions of itchy bites that can become infected. That's why we did BYOBS (bring your own bug spray).

Bug Bandit
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Fairy Tales Bug Bandit is made just for kids. It's a DEET-free formula that repels mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and more. The spray formula smells like citronella and mint--it's quite nice--so there won't be a battle when it's time to apply the spray. In fact, my 8 year-old didn't mind it at all.

coasta rica rain forest

Savvy travelers pack smart thinking of the elements--rain coats, sun screen, hiking shoes and most certainly bug spray. Since I'm obsessed about what I feed my girls, I also stress about what I put on this little person's delicate skin. Bug Bandit is free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parabens and sulfates. They've taken all the bad stuff out and left only ingredients that you and I can understand inside.

The formula is fully effective on adults too. It even passed the dusk at the pool test--that's when the mosquitos LOVE to come out. My daughter and I covered ourselves with Bug Bandit and had a lovely open-air dinner without a single bite. I don't want you to stop traveling because of bug-borne illness like the Zika virus. With all of the news around the subject warning us to reconsider travel plans and cautioning pregnant women to be especially careful, one very important warning has not been shared: Pregnant women who are protecting themselves from mosquitos should not be using repellants with DEET.

Here's what's inside:

  • Soybean Oil is proven to repel mosquitoes for 3.5 hours
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is as effective as low levels of DEET – without the harmful chemicals
  • Cedar Bark Oil is not only great for repelling the bugs, it also smells nice
  • Citronella and Rosemary Oil are the iconic scent of this spray, they are also highly effective at repelling everything from ants to flies and mosquitoes.

Oh, Bug Bandit is also free of dairy, gluten, and nuts that can trigger allergic reactions. Find out more This is the kind of wildlife I wanted to see. On a stress-free trip, this is what you'll get, iguanas, not mosquitos.


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