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Change is good. Some brands embrace this notion more than others. CVS, the pharmacy that took the cutting edge stance to cut out cigarette sales, has another great innovation--the digital receipt.

I've been a long-time loyal fan of CVS. I shop my neighborhood store for all of life's necessities. We fill our prescriptions there, we stop to pick up last-minute school supplies, and I stock up on beauty products there. That means I've amassed miles of receipts.

The CVS receipts have been fodder for late-night skits and parodies. Let's be frank, they are really, really long.

Late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, made it his campaign platform for his recent spoof--Jimmy Kimmel for Vice President. On his platform: Shorten CVS receipts!

No more! CVS is going digital.

CVS Pharmacy Kimmel

CVS president Helena Foulkes showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and, before an audience of some 2.4 million viewers, to announce the new program. "We knew that our customers were very concerned about the length of our receipts," Foulkes said. "CVS is moving our receipts to be digital."

What to do with all those old receipts:
Origami Boats
Paper Maché bowls
Shred it and use for packing materials (see below!)

cvs receipts shreded

When it's happening: CVS promises digital receipts will be available at all 7,900 CVS stores by the end of June. You'll need to register for the ExtraCare program to go digital (but that's easy and is loaded with member rewards).

How it works: Customers must complete a simple, one-time opt-in process in store and providing a valid email address.You must sign up as an ExtraCare member to be eligible.Once you're signed up you will receive receipts digitally, along with their coupons and rewards, each time you shop at CVS Pharmacy.

Once enrolled, you'll get all the benefits of the ExtraCare membership--personalized savings offers, available ExtraBucks Rewards and more. Redeem your benefits in store by using a smartphone, tablet or computer, and then simply selecting the "send to card" button found next to each offer. Additionally, all personal preferences are saved for future transactions. Plus, no more long receipts--all receipts delivered digitally via email.

Are you a long receipt lover? Fret not. CVS will still offer paper receipts for those who want them. Customers will always be able to specifically request a paper copy of their receipt at the time of the transaction, if they would like to receive one.

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