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Monday Mingle: Cute Workout Gear

cute workout gear

Are you on the hunt for cute workout clothes? I have been testing and loving the fitness brand tasc performance--it's mostly bamboo and 100% fabulous. I don't know about you, but cute clothes make a huge difference towards keeping me motivated.

tasc Bayou Booty tight ($88) | tasc Falaya Racer ($40) | TTFN Studio Bra ($44) | Live Unlimited Bracelet | New Balance Running Shoes

summer workouts

Tasc was founded in 2009, this family owned business set out to deal with the problems of stiff, skin irritating activewear. The company was founded by an athlete, I'm not surprised by the feel of the product. It really is exceptionally soft. Designed in New Orleans, their goal "to enhance the active experience through the innovation of original fabrics."

For my outfit, I'm wearing the Falaya tank top. It is a great length and whispery soft--perfect for warm-weather running. Under the tank is the TTFN sports bra--plenty supportive for runners.

tasc leggings

The fabric tasc uses has "Bamboo Performance Technology." The designs are made to deliver moisture wicking, anti-odor, breathable fabrics that are incredibly soft. The Bayou Booty Tights are perfect for running or any workout. I like that the waist-band isn't too low and that the fabric is substantial while not feeling too thick or heavy.

live unlimited

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And the most important accessory I have is this Live Unlimited bracelet. Athletes across the nation are wearing these with pride to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Endorphin Warriors created this exclusive LIVE UNLIMITED bracelet to help kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases live longer and grow stronger. $6 from the sale of each LIVE UNLIMITED bracelet (the bracelets are $22) goes directly to MDA to support groundbreaking research, clinical care for kids and adults from day one and services and support for families in hometowns across America. Learn more about ways to Live Unlimted-- you can even upload a photo to help change lives.

Now let's talk about working out when you only have a little bit of time and can't hire a sitter! Here are a few new items I"m loving:

Home Workout Gear

TriggerPoint: CORE Foam Roller. Small enough to tuck into a small closet, this roller is a workhorse. Use it to apply gentle compression to release knots and tightness. Very important for bloggers who are hunched over laptops and phones!

Rolling helps improve blood flow to increase circulation and enhance mobility. It also helps muscles recover quickly. So after your tough workouts roll it our the next day.

Get video instruction at

Fitness Bands: Bands are a great alternative to weights. Add these Perfect Fitness Bands to your workout bag and you can strength train at home. Includes a handy door anchor

Get more details at

home gym accessories

This is not a sponsored post. Samples were provided for our reviews.

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