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Cute Denim Options from Eddie Bauer


Denim is an essential piece of clothing for the fall that can easily be dressed up or worn as something that makes you feel great without having to do much work. A great pair of jeans can do wonders, but sometimes finding that perfect pair can involve a lot of work. A few weeks ago Michelle reported on new look from Eddie Bauer that features modern styles like Truly Straight, Slightly Curvy and Curvy where we learned that denim does not have to look the same nor does it have to be conform to one cut when there are so many different body types out there.


I tested out a few pairs of the Truly Straight fit and I loved their comfortable feel that snugged in all the right places as well as the soft denim that did not irritate or bother my skin. I also loved the rich blue color (called Deep Rinse) that worked with virtually everything while also providing a clean and modern look that I adore. The jeans also sat comfortably at my waist and created a flattering look that is perfect for women who are petite or tall. Personally, this was huge for me since some jeans fit well around the waist but don't cover my entire leg. I did not have that problem with the Truly Straight jeans.

The Slightly Curvy line also offers a wonderful collection of colors (Dark Teal, Dark Forest, Pinecone and Dark Persimmon) that are idea for those with a slightly fuller hip and thigh to create a look of a modified hourglass shape. Meanwhile the Curvy fit is ideal for those with a smaller waist as well as those with fuller hips and thigh. They also feature a classic medium wash, which creates a cool vintage look as well as having a Deep Rinse and the color Brook (dark blue) for a variety of looks that can look amazing with your body type.

Whether I am running around with the kids, attending an event for work or visiting a farm like the picture above, I love wearing my jeans from Eddie Bauer that provide me with a wonderful fit that sits comfortably while providing me with a personalized touch that is unique to me and my body.

Cute Denim Options from Eddie Bauer options:

Truly Straight:

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  • Straighter Waist
  • Flatter Seat
  • Small Thigh
  • Rectangular Body Shape

Slightly Curvy:

  • Evenly Proportioned Waist
  • Evenly Proportioned Hip
  • Smaller Thigh
  • Modified Hourglass


  • Smaller Gap-Free Waist
  • Fuller Hip
  • Bigger Thigh
  • True Hourglass

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