Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit


Back to school means needing to find healthy lunches and snacks to send along with your school age child. Most days call for at least one quick, easy and nutritious snack, along with a lunch.

Crispy Green might just have the solution for busy moms--their Crispy Fruit slices.

Crispy Fruit slices are individually packaged freeze-dried fruit, with no additives at all! What you won't find inside: additional sugar, preservatives, colors or sodiums. Instead, each package contains pure fruit, freeze dried so they are light and crispy--"almost like chips, but sweet!" according to my 7-year old daughter, who was happy to sample a new treat and share her thoughts (Asian pear was her favorite).

Crispy Fruit comes in five flavors (banana, mango, apple, Asian pear, and pineapple) and are certified kosher, vegan-friendly and gluten free, peanut/tree nut free, and dairy free--an ideal option for a classroom with allergy restrictions. Each bag also contains approximately 1 serving of fruit, a great way to increase fruit consumption for your child while still keeping things simple for mom.

Crispy Fruit retails for approximately $1.49 and is also available in packs of six servings for $7.99. Purchase them online at or at many groceries, natural and specialty food stores in the US. Specific locations are available on their website at

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