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True Story: I have a very well-off friend. She has a driver and a cook (not a spoiled brat bone in her body or the kids--promise). But I digress. Here's one of many reasons I love her--like me she rinses out ziploc bags to re-use them. Ask any parent on the playground in Brooklyn and they will admit to the same. Moms simply hate to waste money no matter how much of it they have. That's why when I heard about CoverMate Food Covers I was intrigued.

Instead of putting leftovers in a plastic storage tub, in a ziploc, or covering with plastic wrap I grab one of these covers and stretch it over a plate or bowl--cutting down on cost and waste. The patent pending FlexBand creates a seal over any size or shape container and can be microwaved. The covers are BPA, PVC and latex-free and unlike the ziploc bags, these can be tossed in the dishwasher and used again and again.

1. Turn your CoverMate Food Cover inside out
2. Put on the back of a clean plate
3. Place in dishwasher to clean and dry!

The CoverMate Variety Pack ($9.99 for 2 boxes) contains a selection of four sizes perfect for covering everything in the kitchen from small cans and food storage containers, to casserole dishes and even large party platters. My #1 use is for storing a half-used canned good, then after that it's best for leftover meals. If you want to learn more visit the site here but I warn you it smacks of an infomercial!

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