Cool Stackable Rings for Moms

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Dangling earrings? Nope the kids grab them. Statement necklaces? Nope when a little fist tugs them they become a mommy choking hazard. What's left jewelry-wise for a cool mom to wear? How about these trendy stacking rings from the UK. We got the scoop from a hip London mom and we predict these Daisy Jewelry rings will be all the rage in the "colonies" soon.

Head here to start designing. Add stacks from the floral, urban (my favorite) or enamel collections with the online design tool. Create a masterpiece and then send it to your hubs and take all the guesswork out of your next holiday or birthday gift. Prices are in British Sterling (£), but they do ship to the US. Rings start around $60 for sterling and go up depending on size and style. Don't say we didn't warn you about this little addiction.

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