Cool Socks that Make Laundry a Breeze


Gold Toe just got in touch with its fashionable and fun side. Just in time for Back to School shopping, we've found the new PowerSox EZ Match, a Gold Toe brand, offers back-to-school sock styles designed to make matching kid'??s socks as EZ as 1-2-3.

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When socks come out of the dryer, it is hard to tell what size they are and who they belong to in the family. EZ Match can help because the sock styles come with one gold ring around the toe for size small; two for size medium; and three for size large.

The cute designs are shaped for a nice fit and cushioned well for shock absorption ($5.99/3 pairs). Available at My only advice? Next time sell them in sets of three--so there won't be orphaned socks. 

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