Cookbook for Busy Moms


I've been reading lots of recipes this month. One new cookbook that caught my eye is titled: Crappy Little Kitchens.The premise: You don't need a big space or fancy equipment to create tasty meals. I love the concept of a pared down approach to meal prep. Dallas chef, Jennifer Schaertl, shares some of her go-to recipes. Many are ideal for entertaining, others are perfect for busy mid-week dinners.

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What I loved: 

  • The little factoids Jennifer tosses in. Did you know artichokes are not really vegetables, but are instead flower buds and members of the sunflower family?
  • Make no apologies for your home. Work with what you've got rather than longing for a bigger kitchen and expensive tools. 
  • The cookbook tackles more adventurous meals such as rabbit.

What I didn't:

  • While the joke may be about crappy kitchens, but do the photos have to be small and crappy too? When it comes to cookbooks, Momtrends loves pretty pictures.
  • Not too many healthy options. Many of the meals involve a lot of butter an other fats. 

Overall, if you are looking for some gourmet challenges without having to invest a bundle, this may be the perfect inspiration. Buy on Amazon for $12.89.

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