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"Mommy, I want the piano music" and so our nightly tradition has begun. We pop in a new CD from classical pianist Lara Downes and listen to glorious music through meals. How did this happen? We were slipped a promotional CD (of which we get hundreds a year) called Nocturnes for Night Owls: Classical Treasures for Sweet Dreams (the CD is $12.99 on ETSY).

A standout from the often annoying and mostly forgettable music that arrives in the mail, this collection of classical masterpieces (a few of which we recognize from Mr. Momtrends' playing) and little-known gems.

I think my 2 year-old is responding to the way it makes her feel calm. That's certainly what it does for me. Too often I've got NPR in the background. Switching to instrumentals was lovely. Nocturnes for Night Owls includes Beethoven'??s Moonlight Sonata, Schumann'??s Dreaming, Erik Satie'??s hypnotic Gymnopedie #3, Debussy'??s Reverie, Ravel'??s Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty, elegant Nocturnes by Chopin, Poulenc and Aaron Copland and more. Designed for lulling your kids to sleep, I like to play this before bed and during bath time to inspire and relax the entire family.

Steinway Concert Artist Lara Downes is currently Artist in Residence at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis, where she is the host and co-curator of the Studio Classics series. Lara is Founder and President of the 88 KEYS® Foundation, a non-profit organization that fosters opportunities for music experiences and learning in America's public schools. That you for sharing your gift Lara. Now I know my time is well spent listening to 99 bad CDs to find one gem like yours.

And stay tuned, our pop picks of 2011 will arrive soon.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. If only...

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