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Chic Watches from Glam Rock

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As a mom everything I do is based on time (and not being late). I have to be at my daughters school at a certain time (as well as pick her up) and work appointment's are made around my schedule. I hate being late and while I have relied on my cell phone as a time keeper, I also love showcasing a bit of personality and wearing a multi-functional accessory like a watch to make sure I get around on time. I'm loving all these chic watches from Glam Rock.


Recently, I have been wearing the chic, yet simple Miami Beach Art Deco collection watch from Glam Rock Watches. A brand renowned for their chic line of watches, you can find six collections including the LADY SOBE, SOBE, SOBE-TECH, MIAMI, PALM BEACH, MIAMI BEACH ART DECO, MIAMI BEACH and AQUA ROCK - all of which include an ode to color, design and functionality. My watch, the Miami Beach, features a simple brown strap and a simple face with bold numbers in white. I really love the classic look of this watch that literally goes with everything. I also love how elegant this watch looks and how I can wear it with a work look or when I am more casual with my kids.

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Founded by Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Maujean in 2005, the line was created to combine fashion and luxury as well as the "ultimate chamelonic watch" that resonates with every women. This can be seen in the unique Sobe collection whose bands are interchangable thanks to their 'just click' technology that allows the face of the watch to be changed - making it perfect for day or night.

Some other favorites in their line include the Rose Gold Sunburst Design, Stainless Steel - Lady Sobe and the Rose Gold IP that would make for a timeless gift over the holidays.

A watch is signature part of any outfit that can allow a women to showcase her unique personality while also serving as functional accessory to get her from point A to point B on time. The line from Glam Watches offers all of the functionality that a women needs while also providing a luxurious and high-end collection that can surely stand the test of time.

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