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Chic Bags for Working Moms

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I'm always on the hunt for chic bags for working moms, because I'm always on the go here in NYC. As a Mom Boss I have to be able to work where I can, not time for the perfect spot. I wrote my book Mom Boss to inspire other entrepreneurs to take the leap an to tell there there's no perfect time to start a company. Sometimes you just have to leap.

Chic Bags for Working Moms

This week I'm showing a glimpse of how and where I work. The "how" is creatively and passionately. The "where" is well, anywhere. I am always on the go covering trends and heading to events. That means I carry my little 13" macbook air everywhere. Usually, I bring along a trusty tote since traditional laptop bags can hardly be considered cute.


But lately, I've been sporting the Havana bag from Knomo. I can stuff my "office" --that would be a phone and laptop--into my bag and hit the road. The blend of linen and leather is perfect for summer. Fortunately for me, I can wear shorts and a tank to work. I put together the rest of the outfit from LOFT. I'm also wearing a nifty pair of shorts from LOFTand a metallic tank (also LOFT). It's been hot as Hades this summer, so I've been dressing minimally. The bag works for my casual style.


I'm also loving the fact that my hair is long enough to put into this sassy side braid. I can't stand it on my neck on really hot days. And I won't lie, I'm mostly in flip flops these days. The Prada gold sandals only came out for a meeting and this shoot.


With my on-the-go life, this tote is perfect. It's loaded with pockets and compartments, plus offers EVA foam protection. Find more of these smart bags at

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