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Welcome to Chef Toni's Cooking Academy. A uniquely designed cooking academy for children that focuses on “farm-to-table” cooking and fun culinary adventures. We visited Chef Toni and her class of students during the Farm-to-Table Awareness Event with Holton Farms and boy, what a culinary and social delight!

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Located at the Westside Family Center (63 West 92nd Street) in a charming converted brownstone, Chef Toni’s 20 year passion for cooking and love for children has created a one-of-a-kind cooking school. Each child experiences the pleasure of socializing around healthy cooking while learning the fundamentals of: Farm-to-Table Cooking, Healthy Food Choices, Smart Shopping Skills,Culinary Techniques, and Basic Manners & Etiquette.

It is no wonder Chef Toni (Toni Willard-Young) is loved by her students. The South African born master-chef has the vibrance of a blooming flower and the unconditional warmth of your own mother.

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During the event, Chef Toni gently assisted the children as they made kiwi punch,grilled pasta with pesto, and guacamole. Fresh fruits and veggies were provided straight from Holton Farms who shared the left-overs with the participants. My daughter and I filled our bag with delicious tomatoes, corn and peppers and cooked for the family when we got home.

The Academy offers on-going classes, summer camp, after-school programs, birthdays, cook & play Saturdays and much more. My 5 year old daughter can’t wait to go back.

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