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Celebrity Cruise Review Part II

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Safely back at home after seven memorable days aboard the Celebrity Summit. I'll be giving my overall ratings and feedback later this week, for today we're talking excursions.

Day 4 July 14, 2010
Arrived in Kings Warf. After a quick breakfast, we go for a walk around the small town. There'??s not too much to see, but we manage to find a toy shop in the mall and scoop up souvenir tee shirts at Davidson'??s and some pricey Italian beach toys (a pair of $4 sand shovels made in Italy) at a spot called Daisy&Mack;'s. Then it'??s back to the boat for quick snacks before heading on our first excursion. Note to self: Next time bring beach toys--there's plenty of closet space in our pint-sized room.

Half the fun of cruising is trying out the excursions'??or small day trips'??offered by the boat. Today it's "Family Fun"--we load up on Captain Mike's glass bottom boat adjacent to our cruise ship. Mike's a native Bermudian and very chatty. Before you know it, we're docked at the Aquarium. Adorable and perfect for a 90 minute exploration. We loved the tanks filled with local sea life. Behind the aquarium there's a little zoo--equally intimate and fascinating to our young girls. The proud peacock, frisky otters and the fancy flamingos were our favorites.

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We load up again for a swim at a local north side beach. We're given masks, pool "noodles" and let loose to explore this sweet little beach (it should be noted'??the grand beaches are on the south side). Our girls loved the bath-like warm water and the soft sand. On the way back to the ship, one of our sailors conked out at sea and snoozed on the 30 minute ride home. Capt. Mike let the other one steer the ship for a bit'??big fun! This is an excursion not to miss with the kids.

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Day 5, July 15, 2010
The '??Famous Beaches of Bermuda'? excursion. Our '??engineer'? drives a three car string of trolleys. He leads us on a 45-minute tour of the island's winding roads'??with a brief stop at elbow beach. Our destination is a bit further on the South Shore'??Jobson's Cove. Off we go for a short 100-yard walk to a secluded little beach. Chairs and umbrellas await us. It's steamy out so we head to the ocean'??the waves are a little rough for the kids, so we spend time building castes under the shade. One of the guides tips us off that 300 feet away there'??s a smaller cove that'??s shielded from the waves. We walk the girls over--it'??s calm seas'??perfect for swimming with little ones. We spend about an hour floating and splashing with a group of local kids. Are all Bermudians this friendly? The kids make friends with our girls and we all build mermaid castles in the pink (yes, indeed) sand. Bliss.

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NOTE: I'??m glad to have brought snacks, water and sunscreen. I'??m amazed at the sunburns on other kids from the cruise ship. Team Momtrends has hats and SPF 50 sunscreen'??the Bermuda rays are strong.

Day 5 July 16, 2010
Our third day in Bermuda. We'??ve signed on for a catamaran excursion on the '??Aristocat'?'??three young shipmates motor us about 30 minutes out to a coral reef. We'??re given excellent snorkel gear and basic instructions. Before we head out we ask for life jackets. The coral area is quite deep so it'??s a little challenging with the kids'??not a great excursion for children with even the slightest discomfort with the water. The depth where we stop to snorkel is 40'. We make the best of it and splash around with noodles in the water. Mr. Momtrends and I take turns going off on our own to see the fish'??we see plenty of colorful marine life to satisfy us'??just wish the girls were feeling more adventurous'??they don'??t want to put their heads in and look. We pass on the rum swizzles--just water thanks--and head back to the ship after 90 minutes at sea.

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Momtrends was sponsored by Celebrity on this cruise.

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